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STEM1 Learning process

Learn to code by completing challenges, building games, apps, and more. Continuously develop interpersonal (active listening, team work, leadership, etc.) and presentation skills in each of our courses.


Junior (Grade 3+)

Understand the basic fundamentals of coding through introductory Game Design, Scratch, Animation, TinkerCAD, HTML, Python courses. Complete all 10 levels and progress to Level 7 in our Senior Coding Program.


Senior (Grade 6+)

Advance your programming knowledge in our intermediate courses on Hacking, HTML, Python, AI/ML, and more. Proceed to our Leadership program after finishing all 10 levels.



Apply your gained experience and skills into advanced teamwork and individual coding projects. You can choose to start your internship with us by shadowing our current instructors and interviewing to become one yourself!

Teaching by Eric
StarIconOur core values

STEM1 Difference!


Convinience of Virtual class but with instructors are local, which means they can offer a better learning experience for the students.


Group Learning provides a better learning experience and Leadership opportunities for students. We believe there is always something to learn from each other.


Our students are our future Instructors!. We provide plenty of opportunities for students to lead and present their ideas and projects.

Did you know?

There are over 700 coding languages!. In 10 years, there will have way more, it is important to learn how to be comfortable with logic and problem solving than trying to master few programming languages!

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image_altOur Strength

STEM1 Focus

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Our promise to make students excited about coding and not fear Programming!

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Computational thinking

We focus on fundementals: Algorithm, Abstraction, Decompose, Patterns, Program,..

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Gamified learning for students and quarterly progress reports for parents

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Hands-on Approach

Students complete concept specific tasks that help retain what they have learned

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We encourage open discussion and new ideas for students to work with each other and Mentor

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Our courses are designed to provide freedom for students to be creative and solve problems