About Us

Stem1 is a community based youth led organization created to provide opportunities for youth to gain confidence in coding and stem related fields.

About us
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Coding or Technology is always feared by parents and students alike

STEM1 was founded in September 2017 to “Make Coding fun for Kids”. We strongly believe in empowering the younger generation especially girls, to explore technology - tinkering, making mistakes and exploring are all part of the learning



Our mission is to remove the fear of coding for students. .

We empower the students by introducing the fundementals of programming and focusing on Problem solving over scripting. Students are also encouraged to develop their soft skills through presentations and public speaking challenges.


We provide opportunities for students to practice what they have learnt by being leaders in training & ultimately becoming our own Instructors.


Teach 500 kids by the end of 2022 so they can do what they love and make the right career choices.

Our vision is to create a environment that helps both the students and Mentors to reach their full potential by providing the tools & technologies that are needed for them to be successful and #FutureReady.

Who we are

We are a team of engineers & educators with a passion to make learning both purposeful and exciting for children.

We teach Coding & Robotics to students from Grade 3 - 12.

bannerOur #SupportLocal mission

We believe in working & supporting local.

  1. 2021April 21st

    Jr.hacks 2021

    Every year we host Jr.Hacks, the only STEM hackathon for kids in the Greater Toronto Area. This is our 3rd year hosting Jr.Hacks and we’re going virtual. We’ll be hosting it on April 10, 2021 and fundraising $5,000 for Peel Learning Foundation, a non-profit that supports Peel students with basic necessities they need to excel at school.

    To register, click here.

  2. 2020December

    Twas The Bite Before Christmas Breakfast

    In December 2020, we hosted Twas The Bite Before Christmas Breakfast along with Streetsville.org. We raised over $32,000 for Eden Food for Change, a local food bank, which has been doing excellent work helping those in need throughout the pandemic.

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Meet Our Team


Sudiksha D.

Hello! I am Sudiksha Devanathan currently studying biomedical engineering at Ryerson University. At STEM1, I teach different courses related to coding, Game Design, and Python. Besides, I’m also involved in some of the administrative work and organize events with STEM1. Camping is one of my favorite hobbies.

Khushmeet Kaur

Hello! I am Khushmeet Kaur, a Computer Sciences student, and a technology enthusiast. I love to teach and at STEM1 I teach kids about MakeCode, HTML, and 3D Design. Besides teaching, I love to build, wire, and program robots. Under my supervision, your child will not only learn coding but will also love it.

Nivey Renga

Hy there! I am Nivey Renga, a Grade 12 student at Rick Hansen Secondary School. At STEM1 I am responsible for designing the curriculum for GameDesign and Python courses. In addition to that, I am also involved in planning annual Junior Hackathon events. Movies and television shows are where I spend my free time. Except for horror movies, I love all genres.

Jasmine Gu

Hello, my name is Jasmine Gu. I am a student in the IB program at St Francis Xavier. My love for coding started when I studied some courses at the school level. Other than those courses, I mostly study coding by myself. At STEM1 I am the instructor for Python and Game Design courses. I love reading books in my leisure time.