Course Description

Just as we consider Mainframe computers and Televison as old technology, students currently in Grade 3+ are going to consider YouTube, Google, Bitcoin as old technology. Its very natural for these students to ask Alexa to play their favorite song or find answers to almost anything in Google. Our job at STEM1 is to help students to get introduced to coding as another cool thing to do rather than thinking of it as a boring mandatory class. This program has 10 levels with weekly 1 hour class.

Progress & Certification

We gamify learning through awarding points, badges and certificates to recognize the progress & hardwork of our students. Students will be awarded a certificate of completion after they finish every level. Students are required to submit a presentation or project to graduate each course.

Who is this course for?

Our Junior program is designed for Grade 3+ students to teach them basics of coding. At the end of each level/course, we conduct quiz & assessment to understand the student's progress.

Program Rating

3 Reviews

Darshita Desai
On Task!

Wonderful experience for my son who is in Grade 5. The staff is very knowledgeable, kind, and helpful. My son is always excited to go in class and do extra courses as homework at home. Felt much confident in coding after joining this program and always ahead in his batch .. Tks to all staff for doing wonderful job 👍"

Balaji Pulivarthi

My son is leaning coding, robotics etc at Stem1, I really appreciate the faculty who takes a special attention with each student and support individual intellectual skills. During this pandemic situation, the Institute i able to conduct online classes amd kids are leaning to the best possible ways...Good luck to the future generation kids joining at STEM1..

Linh Tam
On Task!

If you're looking for an after school program for your child that is both educational and fun then STEM1 is the place. My son is in the Robotics class and he enjoys himself all the while learning without realizing. My son tells me "It's fun there, I like the technology and playing with Cue and Dash robots... and they keep us on task!"

  • Price$96*/month
  • Duration~12 Wks/Course
  • Courses10
  • SupportUnlimited
  • FeedbackQuarterly

Our Fees

Our programs are priced to be affordable and help more students get into Coding!

All of group courses will have a maximum of 6 students, each class is led by an Instructor and a Leader in Training.

10% of all profits will be used to support local communities.


6 students

Direct Payment


20% off Monthly

Paid in advance


1:1 Instructor


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Concepts Learnt

Students start from block based coding and quickly graduate to script based through building games and creating presentations

  • Algorithms
  • Game development
  • 3D Design
  • Computational Thinking
  • Conditional statements
  • Deploy & Publish Code
  • Web Design
  • Debugging & Testing